Refunds and Exchanges
Please note that all sales are final. Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns or issue refunds.
Our cookies and icing are handmade therefore some slight variations might occur on their shapes, sizes, colours or design.

Custom Cookie Designs
You had a great idea and couldn’t find it at our store?
We can make it happen!
Here’s how:
1. Send us a message with what you have in mind. The more details the better.
2. In about 2 days you will hear back from us on what could be done, some references and a price estimate.
OPTIONAL - Once an idea is set, and if a physical sample is required for proofing, a $15.00 payment is asked for the confection of a few samples. After receiving payment, I’ll provide you with photos of the samples for reviewing, in around 7 business days. Those could also be picked up at our address if needed.
One round of adjustments is accepted upon reviewing the samples. At this point, only minor adjustments to the design can be accommodated, but not in the cookie shape.
3. Once a design is approved, alongside with a final price, a 100% payment is required for the production of the full order. The order will then be completed in another 10 days.

All other orders should be picked up at our address or will be shipped through Canada Post. Although orders are shipped well protected and in proper packaging, we can't guarantee a damage-free arrival, nor will issue refunds if anything happens in the process. 

Expedited Orders
For expedited production orders, please get in touch and we will try our best to accommodate them.

Please note that these items ARE NOT MADE IN AN ALLERGY-FREE KITCHEN. All of my items are prepared with equipment that may have processed or have had contact with wheat, chocolate, eggs and dairy products.

Our cookies are best kept in their original packaging for up to three months. After opening, we would recommend consumption within 15 days.

Pick up/Delivery estimates are to be considered only after orders are received and payments processed.